Strength-Based Therapy and Guidance

Strength-Based Therapy

I believe that we all have within us what we need to live a full and meaningful life.

We have our own unique gifts as well as our own specific challenges.

I believe that we are all trying to evolve and grow emotionally, psychically and empathically and that we all need help along the way.

I help individuals, couples and family members identify and develop individual and collective strengths and resources to help guide and evolve through the rough times.

We all have triggers and conditioning that get in the way of our ability to feel love, belonging and connection with ourselves and with one another.

I help people bring calmer reflection and choice into old repeating patterns locked in our life stories and in our bodies.

Through developing more quality of presence with ourselves and loved ones and allowing and practicing kindness, curiosity and tolerance we can make important shifts in our life that allow us to let in more love and authenticity.

Creative and somatic inquiry into our patterns of relationship and behavior can benefit from therapy. We tend to be too critical, impatient, defensive and reactive without help. Changes made to open ourselves to joy, presence and peace, and to realize dreams to live and love well, begin with you.

Investing in your psychic, emotional and personal growth may be the most important investment you will ever make.

Contact me for information about creating a therapy experience, that is effective and affordable for you. I offer individual and relationship therapy, workshops and retreats for women and couples. If your insurance covers my services, I will bill for you. If not, you may be eligible for a sliding fee scale.

Becky Connor, LMFT