Rebecca has over 20 years of experience helping people navigate through life challenges such as losses, divorce, death and grief, career and confidence blocks, and relationship building. She specializes in working with mindfulness and body-centered complex trauma, using techniques that include Somatic Transformation, Brain Spotting (a variation of EMDR), Hypnotherapy, Jungian, and other insight based experiential and psychodynamic work.

Rebecca also specializes in helping couples and individuals practice the art of authentic emotional intimacy, including feeling and making connection with self and other from the intention of curiosity, and non-defensive empathic understanding. Rebecca is also experienced in working with highly sensitive people.

Living and loving well is rewarding and also sometimes painful and chaotic. We all need help at times to focus and to integrate life changes, and to calm our nervous systems and emotions to facilitate opening to awareness, curiosity, creativity and intention to guide us in changing and updating old patterns, helping us to take heart so we can make make conscious changes as needed for growth and evolution in our life.




Mindfulness Therapy

From the mid 90s to the present, Rebecca has worked and trained in body- based psychotherapy, along with somatic and attachment work, hypnotherapy and brain spotting, a therapy similar to EMDR. She specializes in mindfulness based experient ...

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Relationship Therapy

All couples need guidance at times in their relationship to break up old patterns and habits of defensive and reactive communication. Rebecca specializes in helping couples and individuals practice the art of authentic intimacy and connecti ...

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Strength Based Therapy

Rebecca believes that we all have within us what we need to live a full and meaningful life and that we each have our own unique gifts, as well as own specific challenges. She views her work as guiding her clients towards their own deeper w ...

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